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Western Digital -- These are the WORST drives in the industry - and the tech support is completely non-responsive. I lost my entire music collection, all of my photos, and a number of irreplaceable files - you would be better either buying a brick (cheaper and works better) or buying a REAL drive.

I am appalled that this company is even in business ... truly the worst product I have ever bought.

If you have files that you really do not care about - use this crappy technology is AWFUL!! I really needed a storage device - and unfortunately I pick this garbage to use -- I lost photos, music, movies -- I am so PISSED!!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Lake Worth, Florida, United States #1197548

I am in 100% agreement. Nothing about WD is good.

The advertising and implied expectations are not where a good business should be.

I have returned my 1 terabyte passport ultra because it would not recognize more than 32gb and I had to pay to send it back.

Now after its return the same thing.

WD has lost my business forever.


Firstly, there are lots of reasons that this could've happened besides the hard drive. Ever heard of a virus?

Also, I sincerely doubt that you would be better off buying a brick. You are correct in that it's cheaper, but I don't think it would work better, as the only way that one could store files on a brick is by writing on it with a marker or something similar. Also, this supposed monetary loss of $10k is absolute BS. The hard drive costs $95 at Best Buy.

WD makes some of the best hard drives on the market. You should also be aware that files will only last an average of 5 years on a hard drive, regardless of the brand.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #745043

WD makes very good products and I have used their portable hard drives for years with no problems. Anything really, really valuable you need to have backed up on your machine AND on two separate hard drives.

This you now know and are complaining about WD because of your mistake, most likely in doing something to destroy/erase your files on the WD drive. Remember, a machine is only as good as the human operating it.

to nikalseyn #745079

You must work for WD - so sorry -- must be tough to do that. The files are not erased -- the network interface is bad.

This is a problem that WD knows very well -- if you take a look at their website or Amazon or any number of help systems -- you will see this is an issue that plagues WD. Once again - sorry that you work for WD ... I will never use their products again. Additionally - I probably have about 25 more years in IT than you do ...

it is not a user issue -- it is a product issue. Good luck with your job ;-)

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #746317

If you have that much experience in IT, you know as well as I do that drives fail. I've had plenty in my 30 year IT career. I learned long ago to have backups of any "irreplaceable" files.

to Anonymous #746395

the issue is that this company should obviously not sell RAID solution with known network interface problems -- the fact this is burned into the drive is the issue -- it is a very poor design ... people should not buy their products - case closed!

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