I have a dj company with multiple wd hard drives with all our songs and videos loaded. we started experiencing problems with several of the drives like not being recognized or recognized but not able to access the data.

1 was still under warranty so I sent it to them. they returned it to me stating that because I did not properly package the item it voided the warranty! the other drives I was told the only way to recover the data was to reformat them but I know that would have deleted everything on them. I found through my own research that all I had to do was go to my computer search run/cmd/and enter chkdsk and the specific drive letter and it scanned and immediately repaired the drives.

WD suggested I use a recovery site at a min 250 buck and I fixed them for free!

I emailed about this and to this day no response. It's no wonder their hard drives are cheap, you get what you pay for.....junk and no customer support :( we will be switching everything over to a different product as soon as we can.

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