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I have paid around $100 for this external hard drive and transferred all my files to it. after I formated my laptop WD didnt work and I lost all my data.

I call WD and I was told that I should go one of the data racovery companies which they made a deal together!.

Data recovery guys say its $100 to look and from %500 to $1900 to save the data. WD says we can not do anything! so what am I going to do?????

I lost very important documents, even my wedding pictures, they simple dont give f***!

I strongly recommend everyone to back up their files in 3 different place and never ever use western digital in their life!...

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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WD can be iffy at times with hard drives. Had both great and bad experiences.

The most WD would do would be to swap out the hard drive (if under warranty time frame) but they can't pay for the files to be recovered if that's what you want from them. I wouldn't expect any hard drive company to pay for it.

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