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In August 2007 I purchased from Best Buy a Western Digital MyBook external harddrive, 160 Gigabites. It carried a three-year guarantee.

In April 2008 this hard drive stopped working. Best Buy said you must return it to Western Digital.

Western Digital's site said the three-year guarantee had expired.

An e-mail to Western Digital brought a reply confirming that the guarantee had expired--because the guarantee time stared at TIME OF MANUFACTURE. TS to me, in short, since when I bought the hard drive new its guarantee already was nearly expired. No more WD harddrives for me.

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Douglas, Michigan, United States #20120

I agree. I bought WD MY Book at $230.

I stopped working. I contacted WD service center, and was told I lost all my photos saved on it, and if I want to try to recover the photos, I should contact their "partners" at my own cost.

The warranty does not cover it. The manufactured bad quality product and I lost my valuable photos as well as time and money.

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