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Purchased a 1TB hard drive from Western Digital with the intent on moving some files and photos from my computer to free up space and ultimately speed up the system.

With this process completed I continued to use the hard drive as I have any normal Hard Drive in the past, when one day it wasn't there. I checked all over on my computer to find it, checking on another on my house it was described as being 'Unrecognisable' despite nothing on my part to make it this way. Realising this I ejected the Hard Drive and took it to a computer specialist.

I paid to have it checked and promptly found it had erased all my data, recovery systems tried to find these files to avail. It will partition and it could be possibly used but four years of work, photos, media for portfolios and other cherished things, gone which, is something the cannot even attempt to replace.

Reading online this is a common problem for Western Digital Hard Drives and yet they advertise them as working perfectly. They have also admitted multiple times that this is an issue, but they aren't going to anything about it at this time. This is false advertising and having know they were such an un-trust worthy company I would have purchased my Hard Drive else where.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Purchased a 1TB My Passport drive which lost everything after 12 months. Fortunately most was saved on my failing pc drive .

After the endless parraphenalia of contacting the appropriate dept

I was subsequently supplied with a "reworked"unit which failed to operate due to a defective and second hand lead, so still no back up. I wont bother with chasing a replacement lead but will await a request for customer performance report.

Having read other forums I think an alternative manufactured unit will be on the cards. WD not for me!

RMA 85606363

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