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The passport, being less than 1 year old, quit working. My impression was that the WD was a reliable product, but the research online I did after mine quit being recognized by my computers showed this is a recurrent problem.

Although I went through the troubleshooting on the phone with a technician my only recourse was to have an RMA and return for an exchange. The problem is that my data, which by all means is EXTREMELY valuable to me, is not covered in the refund!

I know this is your policy but god what a terrible policy! Your customers are taking your word based on your reputation that this is a reputable company that has reliable products! Your customers are depending on the data being safe and also recoverable by you when the product is defective!

I called the data recovery and they told me $500 to $2000!!

For a product less than $100 I feel that I have been duped; duped into relying on a defective product and a defective customer service policy.

Get your own staff and equipment for your data recovery and take care of the customers who are relying on you!

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After performing (mostly) well for a year and a half, my external hard drive -- which I bought for backup and storage when I had 2 computers -- somehow 1) came un-mapped and 2) stopped taking login credentials. The WD technician got it re-mapped, but then told me to stick a pen in the tiny hole on the rear of the unit to "re-set the password." Long story short, the drive would no longer re-boot after that.

I have perhaps 500 Mb of data on this 1 Tb hard drive -- but a chunk of that data is irreplaceable. This includes my collection of 300 CDs' worth of music, some of THAT irreplaceable, and 30 CDRs' worth of multi-track recordings -- some of it lifted from tapes I made with bands dating back to the mid-80s (talk about irreplaceable).

BTW, did I mention this is the third WD hard drive (internal OR external) I've experienced in the past 10 years that suddenly failed? Middle finger, Western Digital.

to MyBook World San Jos, San Jose, Costa Rica #1177413

If it is the first one it fails, how come you didn't backup your data on two places before it dies, that is the problem with people that does not know about technology. Doing a backup of your data is something basic dude!

Are you gonna keep blaming the companies for your own mistakes?

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