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How can Western Digital get away with selling hard drives with such a horrible service life. Just look on the internet to see how many if not all their WD5000YS style drives have failed. I purchased a (NAS)Network Storage Device which contained Qty 2 of these drives. First drive failed at 1 year mark after basically never being used as it was backup for other drive. Second drive failed 3 months later. Each time a drive failed it took out the

power supply for the NAS (looked up on the internet a it is documented that these drives draw excessive power when they fail. Go to Western Digital Waranty site and the only lame thing they offer you is a "Customer Loyalty" upgrade to buy a refurbished device at their price which is higher than they can be bought on the internet for.

My Recommendation is "NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER" buy their lame products

with their lame waranty, if you care about any of your data.

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what do you need a NAS for anyway? You got that much p0rn?

OK did you configure an RAID? If you did how did you set it up.

As soon as you hook up the power cord to any HDD it will take power. Duh? It's like plugging in your cell phone charger and not hooking up yer cell. It still takes power.

OH well you should have read more in to the warrenty before you bought. You problem. Suck it!

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