Bought 2 of these drives at the same time from Fry's several years ago (yes, both were sealed brand new). Immediately installed one into my computer - no problems - and put the other, unopened, on my bookshelf. Just opened the 2nd one the other week - DEAD. 1 desktop and 2 laptops were unable to access it via an Aluratek HD adapter (which worked/works perfectly fine with 2 other spare WD HDs).

Contacted WD customer service who informed me that because this HD is out of warranty (IIRC warranty expired like in 07/12 or something like that), they won't do anything for me. I asked if I could send it to them so they could examine it but they stopped responding to my emails.

Lesson learned I guess - don't save your BNIB WD HDs and WD ain't all that when it comes to quality control. I had been exclusively WD for the past 6-8 years but not any more...

Monetary Loss: $80.

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