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We were having a problem with a NAS drive EX4, and the support team gave us a lot of run a round in fixing. First said it was the computer,, then a program and on and on.

We purchased a new PR4100 in the mean time! after abut a month of running we head buzzing from the NAS box, searching online saw a lot of people and reviews complaining about NOISY fan... sure enough we see the fan slow down and on occasion stop. we observed that when the fan was noisy it would slow down, vibrating even more.

When i tilted the PR4100 you could see the fan blade move and then speedup. Called and explained problem to support and was told we needed to RMA device. This where the warranty was thrown out.... The drive showed as not expiring until 2020.

Called support and we talked about 15 min, the tech said cannot send you a fan, you need to return the whole box. NO PROBLEM? well big problem he could not create an RMA,, Said he would escalate and i would hear back in 24 to 48 hours.... That was over a month ago.

4 more calls and each time i am told " Pleas wait 24 to 48 hours and we will contact you" 4 or 5 more calls and each time same story. Today talked to supervisor and was told it was escalated to higher level, and she would call me back in 1 hour 7 hours later i am typing here! I asked what was the reason for not issuing an RMA and was told do not know! Over a month and no resolve, no reason, no concern.

I asked to talk to the department and or manager as to what and when they would fix NAS PR4100... What a stupid run around.. If i try to create RMA it says not authorized !!!!! So what good is a product warranty if the company does not want to honor it??

and why no reason for not wanting to do so???? Unit overheats when fan stops and i worry about fire? or Loosing whole unit... In the past I always had faith in this company, but now I have to ask myself if it is worth staying with the company of Western Digital....

Warranty is worthless! and the company is only as good as their support... To this date I now have to say Western Digital does not honor what they build!!! the last unit I sent to WD got lost for a week or more, (many months ago) when found they said missing a drive, three days later said they had the device but was missing all drives?????

we showed where we sent it all back! and in fact had photos of drives in unit and sworn affidavidts from two employees who boxed and shipped unit. WD corporate did send a replacement for it, finally! but now say no warranty..

(It had over a year left on warranty) Now you have the rest of the story, YOU DECIDE is the Company having problems? is it worth the fight you might have?

NO CLUE as to why they say no warranty on replacement.. BUT ISSUE NOW IS WHY THEY WONT HONOR WARRANTY!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Western Digital Pr4100 Hard Drive.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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